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Have you bought Music Wands from us? Please feel free to share your experiences here. What shapes did you buy, and why? Are you using Music Wands for a particular activity?  What are the different ways you have utilized them?  How did your pupils and colleagues enjoy them? We would be delighted for you to share all these ideas and experiences.

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Responses to “Customer stories and testimonials”

  1. Charlotte, a school librarian from Alabama says:

    I am the school librarian and have used my star music wand for 5 years. In training K4 students to use good library behavior, I walk around the library during book time and tap the heads of students who are looking at their books quietly. For students in K5-5th grade, I tap the heads of each student as they leave the library, if their class earned a 5 (the best) in Library. This week, I gave a 5 to fifth graders and they asked, “Will you tap us on the head?” They love it.

  2. Cheryl says:

    I use the heart shape music wand as a “magic” wand to start our day in my Kindergarten classroom. I use the “magic” wand to get my students attention. When they hear the wand, the students stop, look, and listen. It really works!

    Cheryl Williams, Kindergarten Teacher from Wheeling, WV

  3. Faye from Milton, FL says:

    I first saw your wands at a conference for second grade teachers in Birmingham, AL November,2005. I bought 2 – the heart for me and the star for the 1st grade teacher at our school. I have used my heart wand just about every day since then. For younger students, I can strike it to get class attention and then look through the heart and say “Someone who loves you is looking at you.” Then I could go on with other instructions. When I’ve had a cold or lost my voice, a sharp rap brings everything to a halt, in a friendly way. The past 3 years I have worked as a substitute teacher in elementary and middle school classrooms and my wand is always an attention-getter. I don’t like to yell or raise my voice and middle schoolers will immediately stop when they hear the vibrating tone and say “Whoa! What was that??” They always love my wand and if they are all good, I’ll let a few try tapping it.

  4. Linda Noblett says:

    I was introduced to your music wands at a workshop and was very intrigued with them. My daughter who is also a teacher already ordered some. Can’t wait to use them with my first graders and share them with my co-workers for Christmas!

  5. Michelle D., Litchfield ME says:

    For transitions in my classroom. So much better than my old kitchen timer! Thanks.

  6. Thank you for these wonderful wands! They are perfect for signaling transitions in my classroom. I love them so much that I’m giving them to friends at my birthday party this month. I’ve shown them to the primary teachers at my school and you may receive even more orders before you know it! I’ve also shared about them on a kindergarten chatboard and will tell others on a similar chatboard.

    I do think you need to make a spiral one, though. :)

    Thanks for your lovely products.

    Kindergarten Teacher
    Seattle, Washington

  7. Stephanie D., teacher from Tennessee says:

    Awesome teaching tool!

    I just had to let you know that I just received my magical music wand last week, and it has been awesome! My students love it! I am using it to help me end center-time and begin any new activities. It gets them quiet quickly, and I work with 4th and 5th graders! I love it! Teachers should stock up on these!

    I have already had some students who went home and asked their parents to buy them a wand. One of my girls said her Mom ordered a dolphin wand for her last week.

    Thank you!

  8. Jan Kenny says:

    I just heard about Music Wands at a Kindergarten conference in Coquitlam, British Columbia. We do a lot of partner talk and reporting back to the group what your partner has said. The Music Wands will be great for signaling that talking time is finished–get ready to report your partner’s ideas!

    I bought a Star for my classroom, and one for my colleague and my sister who are both Kindergarten teachers, too. I also bought stars for 2 little girls I know and a dolphin for one of the girl’s twin brother.

  9. Carla Plunkett says:

    I recently purchased three music wands: the dolphin, the heart, and the 6 pointed star, to use in my first grade classroom.
    I purchased the dolphin because our hall is doing an ocean theme. The heart symbolizes my love of teaching and will go with my saying to my students, “Shine bright, do what’s right, Mrs. Plunkett loves you with all her might.” I purchased the star to use with my dream unit. I plan to use the wands this school year as a signal for students to come to the “gathering place”, our classroom rug. Once school begins in August, I know I will find many uses for the wands. After reading a professional education book, I learned that chimes work best to call students together in a classroom. While searching for inexpensive chimes several teachers on recommended music wands. They arrived last week, and I am very pleased with my purchase. My 8-week-old puppy loved the sound, and I know my first grade friends will love them also!

  10. My business partner – Kay Zastrow and I use the star wand as an educational resource when we teach a program entitled Conscious Discipline® by Dr. Becky Bailey. S.T.A.R. stands for Stop, Take a Deep Breath and Relax. We strike the star wand as a reminder to our students to take a moment to calm themselves. We also give the job as “Star Helper” to a young student. He or she is encouraged to walk around the room gently tapping the star on a friend’s shoulder so they are able to practice “being a star!” Peggy Simonis

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